Spectral Nights will offer you the experience of being a paranormal investigator for the evening.

You will join our small enthusiastic team and working in groups with the latest electronic tech equipment we will investigate paranormal activity.

Lead Investigator


I have lived in Hampshire for many years and I’ve worked in the care industry for 30 years. Also as an estate manager for several years.

I have had a passion and curiosity with the paranormal for many years, like yourself, perhaps attending many paranormal events with good experiences, including many successful Ouija board sessions.

Through different experiences in life and working in palliative care I often wondered what happens when the body dies. Where does the mind spirit go? I truly believe there are spirits all around us, different dimensions and maybe alien entities too.

How long does it take to cross through the plains of time?

This curiosity in all things paranormal lead me to set up spectral Nights which has taken many months of interesting planning.

I have achieved five diplomas in event management and paralearning courses which has backed up my knowledge. These will enable me to give you the  best evening possible with careful planning for each location.

All my team share a passion and curiosity for all things paranormal and have been scared, frightened, saddened and generally interested in spirits, good or not so good. We are all genuine, honest, ordinary people collectively treating every spirit encounter, with love and respect, as we do not know what that person went through in life.

The team have all achieved diplomas in paralearning, which will guide you to use our equipment safely, encourage you to engage with spirits and guide you with the knowledge and experience that they have.

We look forward to meeting you at some fantastic sites steeped in their own history. Some have been investigated before and some have not, you could be one of the first…



I was born a sceptic at an early age and as I journey through this life, I look into the darkness, to see what listens, watches and waits.


Hi my name is Marc I’m 39 and I love ghost hunting because when we are in a situation of being terrified but also safe, our endorphins are aroused and there is an addictive pleasure in that,


My name is Janine and I am a Hampshire person.

I am gifted as I feel and sense things that are unexplainable and am fascinated with the paranormal.


I like the paranormal because it is mysterious and intriguing! It’s fascinating to explore the unknown and wonder about things beyond our understanding.


I am very interested in the after life and helping others to believe in paranormal activity. I love the junior experiences, everyone is really friendly and I get to meet new people. I also like exploring all the gadgets. They’re really cool!!


I’m passionate about the paranormal because I love the unknown and the mystery of what happens after we pass on.

Being able to provide evidence of the paranormal with specialised equipment shows how much but also how little we understand about something that no living person has experienced.

Media Team


Hi, I’m Myron, part of the social media team for spectral Nights.

I am the one behind the camera the one behind the Vlogs, a tech Guru and ensuring all equipment is working and running well.

As well as editing the Vlogs and brainstorming ideas on up and coming events, I work closely with Tyler across the pond in Canada ensuring the best way to execute our ideas.


I’m Tyler, hailing from the vibrant city of Ottawa, Canada. My journey has taken me from the culinary arts, where I honed my craft as a chef for over 16 years, to the enchanting realm of stay-at-home fatherhood. Today, I stand as a dedicated member of the Spectral Nights multimedia Team.

Each day, I immerse myself in the creative process alongside Myron, from brainstorming marketing ideas to polishing our projects to perfection. Across Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube, where we share our daily discoveries.

The true magic for me lies in the details—the subtle nuances captured by the lens and microphone, revealing the unseen and unheard in our footage and live events. Keep up to date on our channels for a cascade of thrilling videos and posts. Your curiosity fuels our creativity, so share your visions with us, and together, we’ll transform them into tangible experiences. Stay connected, stay curious, and let’s make the spectral spectacular!