Toni Freun – Greenham Common Control Tower

It was a great evening. You ensured that we all had an opportunity to try all the equipment (which you had a really good range of) and we all had the choice of where we wanted to investigate. Thank you so much.

Brad Hall – The Gurkha Museum

Rebecca and her team hired out the Museum galleries for a paranormal investigation on the evening of 16th March 2024. They treated our historic building and the collections within with the utmost respect and were friendly and professional throughout the evening, matching the high standards of customer service that we aim to provide to our guests as a Museum. I would thoroughly recommend Spectral Nights to other venues and organisations who are looking to host an engaging and fascinating paranormal investigation night.


It was a good night at The Angel Inn pub on Saturday 6th Jan. Different experiences happening with definite response to requests in bathroom (clicking noise) and obs being seen and K2 lighting up in the lounge. Really good ouija board experience which left some of us quite emotional. Will be booking again for more ghostly experiences. Well done Spectral nights.

Julia Wadman

We all enjoyed a very interesting and friendly time at the Gurkha Museum in Winchester. It was very well presented and we all enjoyed a good night here. A lot of time has been spent to produce such a great evening.  Tea/coffees provided for everyone,  and we all enjoyed a great evening.

Saffron Dafnias

My daughter and I really enjoyed the junior night. It was brilliant to experience a hunt that we could do together. The team were really friendly and inclusive of the kids. They were able to use all the equipment and lead the investigations. Would definitely recommend!

Jo Pearce

Thankyou so much! My son hasn’t stopped talking about it since and is already asking when the next one will be! He thoroughly enjoyed his time with you.

Isabella Cook


Just wanted to write to say that Sam and I really enjoyed the ghost hunting. Obviously, it was a bit scary at times but the adrenaline want us to come back for more. You all had a good positive energy and we felt very welcomed.

I was feeling a lot of the activity in my body and since I haven’t properly ghost hunted before it was quite strange but I want to come back and try out my empathetic skills.

I’ve talked to some friends about the experience and they want to try it out too. Since I’m local to Southampton and can’t drive, I’m going to get tickets for the Romsey one.

Again, it was a wonderful experience and you should advertise more! There are so many people interested in this sort of stuff! I hope to come back many times.

Thank you!

Freddi Jeong

Rebecca and her team at Spectral Nights organised a truly unforgettable experience for us at Royal Victoria country park. We felt the team were professional and approached the paranormal with respect. The equipment available for use really enhanced the experience and enabled us to connect with the paranormal. Our night far surpassed our expectations and we will definitely be booking future paranormal investigations with Spectral Nights.

Louise Maidment

Had my first event at The Flowerpots Inn inn on 6/5/2023.

I have been on paranormal investigations before both with local companies and a well known company from television.
From the moment I walked in I was made to feel so welcome, everyone was lovely.

We formed a seance line and began our investigation, one of the fellow attendees was quickly affected by the spirit of a bushy bearded gentleman and was repeatedly pushed behind his knees and cold spots were felt around the room.

We then used the geoport device, I think that’s what it was called, voices were trying to come through but we couldn’t make out their messages, we also heard the key of a piano being played through the device, which was odd as there is an old piano in the inn.

To finish we held a ouija board session and made contact with an 8 year old boy named Horis and a young girl, although we couldn’t get her name. Next came the most amazing part, my Nan made contact through the board, passing over accurate information, only known to family and some dates and locations I will be following up with my father (her son). I had been told previously by a psychic medium at another investigation that my grandmother was stood beside me, but I was never sure which one it was, now I have absolute validation that it’s Nan Taylor, who died before I was born.

A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting evening which has deepened my already keen interest in the paranormal and afterlife. Already looking to book the next event.

If you are thinking about booking, just do it, you won’t regret it.

Jenna Buckler

Rebecca and the team have been very welcoming on the experiences I have been to so far.

They are all passionate about what they do and very professional at the same time, and sharing their knowledge about the equipment, so we learn something as well as a thorough walk around the location. There is a wide selection of equipment to use and for everyone to have a go with.