Haunted Property?

Do you think your house is haunted and you have a problem with paranormal activity? Look no further spectral SOS is here!

Are you looking for answers? Who or what is dwelling in your property uninvited… Unwanted spirits keeping you awake at night? Spectral SOS is here.

The feeling of being watched or whispers in your ear. A heavy presence, dark shadows, strange noises all of which are making your home life difficult or upsetting you. Spectral SOS is here.

Think you’re going mad? Friends and family think you’re making it up? Spectral SOS is here.

Is your beloved pet or pets being affected by a spirit or spirits in your home? Spectral SOS is here.

Your Hampshire based paranormal team are on hand and willing to help.

  • Pre-investigation assessment and meeting
  • An evening of investigation in your home
  • Practical advice
  • Recorded evidence of the evening
  • Using the latest tech to encourage spirits to come forward

Our aim is to engage with spirits and find out who or what is haunting you or your property.

To help spirits pass to the light, to rid your house of that unwanted guest or guests.

To work with a priest if it is necessary.

So look no further, spectral SOS is here… Professional, discreet, respectful and understanding of your needs.

Our intention is to make your home a lighter more welcoming place, your sanctuary for you to live in peace. With love and light allowing you to have visitors round who feel comfortable, as it should be.

Email spectral nights to book your private investigation with us. You won’t regret it.