Booking FAQs

When you make a booking you are automatically placed on a guest list along with the number of people booked. You will be able to log in and view your booking on your account. This is a ticketless event but if you prefer to print off your tickets then please do so.

If you cannot attend your event for any reason you must let us know by email or phone even on the day of the event. Our team will have a guest list and will need to know if you are not attending so that they are not waiting for you.

If we have to cancel your event for any reason then we will be in touch immediately to let you know. If this happens you will be given the opportunity to move your booking to another date. If you cannot attend any of the dates offered then we will credit your account with all monies paid for you to use on a future date or event of your choice.

Yes, you can offer your place to a third party. However, they will need to agree with the T&C’s and we will need their name, phone number and email address prior to their attendance.

Event FAQs

After a brief welcome chat about the venue etc we will work as one group to investigate various parts of the venue using different pieces of tech and maybe a Ouija board session.

There will be time for a comfort break when we will chat about experiences report evidence and regroup for the next session. 

It is advisable that you wear warm clothes, sturdy shoes or boots. A handheld torch is necessary and the ground may be uneven if we are outside or in an old building. No head torches please.

Yes, use of cameras, filming and recording equipment is permitted on our events subject to the limitations.

Any significant paranormal activity that gets recorded during the investigation will go on social media sites. You may be in the recording I hope you don’t mind. 

You are welcome to bring your own tech equipment for you to use in any free time we have left at the end of the investigation. Who knows what you may experience.

Every event has a safe area which is always lit. If you do become afraid and want to take time out you will be taken to the safe area until you are ready to resume the ghost hunt. 

If you wish to leave early you must let a team member know. You will be asked to leave during a convenient time such as in between group activities or during a break. This is so that the event is not disrupted by your leaving as car parks may need to be unlocked etc. You must let a team member know if you are leaving so that you can be removed from our fire register.

We have many people who come on their own. This type of experience lends itself well to people working together whether alone or with somebody else. Those who come alone find themselves being very well looked after and extremely involved in all of the activities. The team are also very aware of people who are alone and will always do their best to ensure that you are involved and very much included.

We have an on-site designated first aider for every event.

If you have a question that has not been answered here – please get in touch.