Christmas Newsletter

Firstly I would like to thank all the customers who have booked with us and our many returning customers. We do appreciate your bookings. We would like to wish you all a happy Christmas and best wishes for 2024.

I would also like to thank my team for being supportive through our first year of business.

I would also like to thank Hannah, the manager of God‘s House Tower for keeping her promise to us,to remain exclusive. We have managed to gain other venues that are happy for us to be exclusive to them also.

Well, it’s been a crazy mad, fantastic year, with Spectral Nights leading the way forward, with new locations and venues across the south, we have been the first to investigate many new locations, which have taken time, effort and patience to organise.

We have managed to secure many locations, which include ships, towers, pubs, a Lido, museums and cellars, plus an MOD training depot. To name a few.

We have invested in new gadgets and equipment throughout the year, which includes the dead bell, a Sony camera which records video for the vlogs. This camera has an amazing zoom, which gives us amazing detail and I hope you’re enjoying the new vlogs.

During the year, we have captured many examples of paranormal activity, from a dog barking, which made everyone jump, gun shots, music and singing, Our thermal imaging camera captured a hot seat, that couldn’t be debunked. Who was in it ?

We have captured many different coloured orbs including a ribbon orb. Spirit faces and a misty figure have also been seen, at different locations.

The SlS camera has picked up many stick figures and also some black orbs. Zozo, beelzebub and Adaddon have also made their presence felt.

Whilst using the ouija board, automatic writing, dowsing rods and crystal pendulum, our customers have had some amazing results. Our custom built dual port and Estes experiments have also produced some interesting evidence.

All our evidence is documented and available to view, via our social media pages.

I have arranged a photo shoot, which will be great fun and spoil my investigators for the day, with hair and make up, as well as a location for the shoot, which will be decided soon.

Also, as a team, we are enjoying our junior investigations, the next generation of investigators being taught how to use equipment and how to ghost hunt in a responsible way, but having fun at the same time, plus being scared.

I would like to thank our Junior ambassador Oliver for helping out and teaching other children about the paranormal.

We have had a lot of success with our Ouija board sessions, with many private messages for our customers from their loved ones and we always love this when it happens.

So be prepared for more exciting, scary, spooky, terrifying locations which will be coming your way soon. Please keep an eye on the website and our usual social media pages.

We are the leading Hampshire based paranormal company, keeping ticket prices as low as we can. so that everyone can enjoy an evening of ghost hunting.

Whether you enjoy the thrill of the hunt or the scientific side, or this could be a way of making new friends, it’s all good.

We will run competitions through the year so keep an eye out for those.

Who or what is lurking in the shadows?

Darkness demands and always has its way.
Darkness listens, watches and waits,
Darkness claims the day and celebrates,
Sometimes in darkness, silence comes,
Sometimes with a gleeful banging of drums.

So, look at the website, pick an event and come and join us , we look forward to meeting you.