Junior Experiences – Now Booking!

Not just for grown ups!

Spectral Nights would like to introduce Junior investigations for brave 9-17 year-olds accompanied by an adult over 25. With the Adult taking full responsibility for their child .

Two of our fantastic venues are offering junior experiences and they are:

The Royal Logistic Corps Museum – 21st April from 5pm-10pm

Eastleigh Pavillion on the Park – 28th April from 9pm-2am

I appreciate that if your child gets tired you can leave before hand as long as you let us know.

I would like to offer this opportunity for younger people to visit locations and to explore the paranormal in a safe, structured environment. All of our investigators are DBS checked and fully trained.

With practical workshops, educating, understanding and learning about the latest tech, exploring the paranormal world.

We also like to debunk too!

Working as a whole group, and splitting up into smaller, ghostly teams, depending on your age.

Your childs safety is paramount to us and we have tailored the evening to suit the younger person, with my team working supporting showing and encouraging your child to use and understand the equipment available to them on their ghostly evening.

Junior ambassadors

We will be looking for junior ambassadors to be role models at our events and to become officially part of spectral Nights providing support sourcing and testing new venues, filming, interviewing and other exciting projects.

Spectral Nights will be the first in Hampshire to offer this type of venue to our younger people nurturing our next generation of paranormal investigators, sharing our experiences, knowledge and learning from each other. A way for your child to make new friends forming the first junior community in Hampshire, providing them with social media platforms exploring the paranormal world engaging with my team and other junior investigators from different groups across the country.

Join us on a ghostly spooky, fun evening, giving your child, a new interest or progressing their love of the paranormal further.

When splitting up into teams, your team will be given a name.



Stay Puft Marshmallow

Terror Dogs

Ghost Legion


Myself and the team look forward to meeting you at one of our junior events. We are really very excited about this opportunity for your child. We have been working with another junior event team gaining knowledge and understanding of what is required for a junior event and we hope to give your child a fantastic evening.