Newsletter Spring 2024

Spring is now upon us and what a busy few months it’s been for Spectral Nights. 

We have been to many new and exciting venues this year including:

  • The Angel inn exclusive to spectral nights.
  • The Hare and Hounds exclusive to spectral nights.
  • Bombay sapphire distillery.
  • HMS Warrior.
  • Ringwood meeting house exclusive to spectral nights.

The tunnels and forts around Portsmouth we intend to explore during the summer months, so it’s guaranteed to be cool, dark and scary.

Keep a look out for Bramley ammunition depot in Basingstoke. After completing several rigorous tests for the MOD, the colonel has now agreed our licence to host events on many MOD sites across the UK. This has taken quite sometime and we are all very excited to bring this new exclusive location to you . Not one to miss out on that’s for sure. 

Look out for our coming soon venues which haven’t been investigated before: 

  • St Mary’s stadium 
  • Suburbia
  • Bradley ammunition depot
  • Threadgolds

All exclusive to spectral nights 

We have been working hard for some new spooktacular events for Halloween and we are looking forward to our weekend double header of St Mary’s Stadium and Threadgolds, an old ironmongers. ( exclusive to Spectral nights)

We have been diligently working away bringing you new and exciting venues. With extensive site visits to give you an authentic experience with us. 

Catch up with all our latest news on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and tik tok. Lots to see and make a note of in your diary of up coming events you won’t want to miss. 

We also had a team get together for a photo shoot at Odiham Castle which was a lot of fun, you can see our new photos on the website. 

There’s a new quiz for our junior events which should get all you juniors thinking, a great way to introduce curious youngsters to the paranormal.

I would like to thank all of our guests and returning guests for your support this year, we have thoroughly enjoyed your company. Come and join us again at one of our new exclusive venues.

Well done team for your commitment to spectral nights, in capturing some great evidence and working well together. 

Well done Janine and Julia for completing another course in paralearning.

Numberless paths of night wind away from twilight,
Something moves within the night,
Whispers in the dusk,
As the night shreds its husk.